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Mobile Point Of Sales System (m-POS) + Cloud Based Accounting System

INFODATA System (Private) Limited has introduced Mobile Point of Sales System (mPos) for Android device. mPos is an android app, which is easy to use and user-friendly as well. mPos is connected to the Cloud-Based Accounting System to manage entire Accounting for Small to Large Business owners.

mPos can connect to Bluetooth portable printer to print an invoice for mobile/Vehicle sales. Sales Representatives can view their sales for the day in the mPos app and daily sales will show in the app till its posted to final accounts.


  • ● You can monitor your business from any part of the world.

  • ● You can access the system ONLY FORM YOUR AUTHORISED PCS / SMARTPHONES / TABLETS. No one else can access the mPos / Cloud-Based Accounting System if a PC / SmartPhone / Tablet is not given access from Servers.

  • ● OPD Receipt.

  • ● Accounting Records Maintenance.

  • ● You can maintain multiple branches under one company.

  • ● You can get an up-to-date status of the business from any part of the world